Who is Destiny Holdings?

Destiny Holdings is a diversified investment company with operations in multiple sectors in Sub Saharan Africa.

We subscribe to the principles of corporate governance as stipulated by the King Commission's report of 29 November 1994.

What sets us apart?
We aim to be the lead tank of sustainable wealth creation companies by harnessing partnerships and through a participative approach to the group's investment portfolio.

We provide an outstanding professional service to all our customers and pride ourselves in our service delivery. Destiny Holdings presents itself as the first choice partner through long-term hard work. We assure you of our best service and attention at all times and look forward to doing business with you.

10 Investment criteria and key principles for consideration:

  1. Going Concerns
  2. Operational Involvement
  3. Corporate governance principles
  4. Economic impact and shareholder value
  5. Skills transfer and development
  6. Sustained empowerment
  7. Alignment with government’s legislative framework
  8. Synergistic culture and values/same frequency
  9. Equal value-add and therefore equal partnership
  10. National interest and therefore contributing towards job creation

Our Customers

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